#2: Joan Mulloy – Making the adventurous choice and finding yourself all alone at sea

February 6, 2017

Joan Mulloy has spent most of her life on the water. From her first memory of sailing–which is absolutely hilarious–to her decision to give up a good job and a relationship to become a professional sailor, Joan’s story is one of constantly taking the path less traveled. Joan is currently the fleet captain at The Offshore Academy in Cowes on the Isle of Wight and is preparing for a solo sailing campaign which she hopes leads her to sailing in the solo, nonstop, race around the world that is the Vendee Globe in 2020.

Joan Mulloy

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Show notes:

  • [1:56] Joan’s first memory of sailing
  • [4:10] Mirror dinghy (the boat Joan learned to sail in as a kid)
  • [5:00] Mussel farming and life on the water
  • [6:43] Climbing and making choices between climbing and sailing
  • [8:48] Joan’s engineering career: the traditional path
  • [9:15] Realizing that earning a living sailing was a real possibility
  • [9:54] Invited to sail on the Round Ireland race on a Volvo Open 70
  • [11:10] The decision to become a professional sailor
  • [15:30] Description of the Volvo Open 70 sailboat and the Volvo Ocean Race
  • [18:15] Single hull vs Multihull boats and sailors
  • [18:50] IDEC sailing team breaks the round the world record
  • [20:40] How do you define “offshore sailing”?
  • [22:10] Being part of a professional crew on a Volvo 70 for a year
  • [25:30] How much does a sail for a Volvo 70 cost?!
  • [27:55] Her current job at The Offshore Academy
  • [31:25] The draw of sailing alone
  • [32:40] How do you spend your time when you’re out on your own?
  • [34:30] The risks of sailing on your own
  • [38:30] What’s the most scared you’ve ever been at sea?
  • [47:30] Staying calm and working through tough situations
  • [52:00] What is a solo sailing campaign? What is it that you’re aiming for?
  • [52:50] Looking for sponsors now in order to prepare and then race in the Vendee Globe in 2020
  • [57:00] Sailing around the world according to Sir Robin Knox-Johnson
  • [1:00:00] What’s in it for the sponsors of something like this?
  • [1:04:25] How do you define adventure?
  • [1:06:45] Do you feel like you’ve had to sacrifice a lot in order to live this life?
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