What can you do today?

February 6, 2017

How can you start today? I know you have an idea bubbling just under the surface. A book, a trip, a climbing project, a business. Why have you held back? What are you avoiding? What are you afraid of? No, really. What are you actually afraid of?

Perhaps you’ve been telling yourself that your busy, that you’ll make time this evening or this weekend to work on it. Or maybe you’ve been repeating that “now is just not the right time”. But you get home from work and you’re tired, there are kids to feed and bathe, and oh, there’s another season of that show you love and you just can’t help but watch 4 episodes in a row.

The truth is, there isn’t a “right” time to do anything. There is only now. Too often we trick ourselves into believing that our own projects need to be born into this world perfect or need to dazzle others right off the blocks. But the most successful of us know that the most critical part is just starting.

So… What can you do today? How can you break free of your self-imposed constraints and through your lizard brain under the bus? Get out there. Do it. Tell yourself whatever you need to but act, don’t just think about acting and don’t just talk about acting because as Mark Twight says, Talk – Action = Zero.

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