#5: Damian Browne – Commit to it and give it a go

June 16, 2017

Damian Browne spent 16 years as a professional rugby player. That’s more than twice the length of the average professional rugby career. Based on that fact alone it should be clear that he has both physical and mental resiliency in spades.

Since retiring from Rugby, Damian has poured his non-trivial amount of energy into traveling, photographing, and pushing himself, both physically and mentally, in far flung regions of the world. Everything from 6 day, 250km ultra marathons in the Sahara, climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking through Afghanistan, and riding iron ore through west Africa.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode; talking about his rugby career and what traits enabled him to last (and enjoy it) for so long, talking about his new passion of photography, his love of travel, and what drives him to attempt his more audacious adventures (like rowing across the Atlantic, alone).

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Show notes:

  • 3:00 How Damian got into rugby
  • 5:40 Becoming a pro
  • 7:25 How he managed to continue his career for more than twice as long as the average.
  • 9:30 The mental aspects of keeping up with the pro lifestyle.
  • 12:00 Learning to love the grind
  • 13:30 Is the pro athlete lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be?
  • 15:40 Retiring from pro rugby
  • 18:20 How Damian separated his identity from being a “Pro rugby player” when he retired
  • 21:00 Travels after retiring
  • 25:30 Why do you like peak bagging and high altitude trekking?
  • 29:30 The mental game and the enjoyment of suffering
  • 31:20 Marathon de Sables
  • 35:00 How did you train your rugby body for long distance running? What did your training look like for the Marathon?
  • 42:30 Photography and the Mauretania iron ore railroad
  • 46:20 The next big adventure: Rowing the atlantic
  • 49:00 What does a row boat for crossing the atlantic look like?
  • 51:00 The added challenge of doing the crossing alone
  • 55:40 How do you define adventure?
  • 56:52 The quickest way to the mind is through the body
  • 57:42 Why is adventure important for humanity to continue to pursue?
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