#7: Iain Miller – Climbing alone in northwestern Ireland

November 24, 2017

Iain Miller is a marine engineer turned guide that lives in County Donegal, Ireland. Iain is probably best known for putting up first ascents on nearly every sea stack in Donegal (and doing many of them free solo).

Iain spends most of his days guiding clients in the hills, mountains, seas, and on the crags in and around Donegal, one of Ireland’s most wild and remote counties. We chat about how he landed in Donegal as a Scotsman, how he got into climbing sea stacks, his views on soloing, and why he gets so much out of guiding. Two things really stuck out to me in this episode.

First, I particularly loved his perspective on danger and risk. There are so many things we do these days that are inherently quite risky (driving a car is probably top of that list) but we don’t think about them. While free soloing is a dangerous activity with significant risk, it doesn’t mean that you’re being reckless about accepting that risk.

Second, Iain seems to be a master of living in moment and enjoying his days out no matter what he’s doing. Whether it’s a simple hill walk with some city folk or putting up new routes. His enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of what he does is enviable!

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