#9: Hazel Findlay – Mindset, Resilience, and Adventure

January 17, 2019

Hazel Findlay is a professional climber and performance coach. She was the first woman in the world to climb E9 and has since climbed a slew of hard (and often scary) routes including 3 free ascents of El Cap and, more recently, the first ascent of Tainted Love in Squamish.

We talk about Hazel’s early climbing, how she managed to climb hard on a severely injured shoulder for so long, her approach to coaching and mental training, and much more.

I was so impressed with the (extremely) understated way that Hazel talks about her own achievements and with her lifelong dedication to learning and personal growth. I think it’s fairly rare these days to find someone so down to earth, and yet clearly so driven to perform at the highest level she can.

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